Lessons in Life from Jack Ma

November 17, 2017

If your 25 years old don't worry on committing mistake
Its a wonderful revenue for you...
Before 20 years oldBe a good student learn entrepreneural skills
Just to learn some experience.

Before 30 years old
Follow somebody, go to a small company
Normally in a company just to learn processing...
You are a part of a big machine
but when your in a small company
You learn the passion, you learn to dreams,
You learn lot of things.

Before 30 years old is which company you go is very important but which boss you follow , a good boss teach you differently.

30-40 years old - You work for yourself if you really want to be
an entrepreneur.

40-50 - do the things you are good at, dont jump to
another era its too late, things to focus on the things
you are good at.

50-60 years old- work for the young people
because young people can do better than you,
rely on them, invest on them, make them sure there good.

60 years old- spend time for your self,

25 years old ,
Make a lot of mistake , dont worry,you fall
you stand up again.

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