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October 03, 2017

Welcome to Usapang Business Tayo and now we will share to you how  you can start a franchise business of Figaro.

The Evolution of a Coffee Business

          To give you a little background in November 1993, the first outlet of Figaro was born in Glorietta, Makati. It was founded by a group of coffee lovers and enthusiasts who dreamt of a café where they could lounge and entertain friends and business associates.

          This dream develops into a concept and soon the concept became a reality. It took the company two years to establish its credibility and to acquaint the taste buds of the Filipinos to specialty coffee grown and produced in our country and from there the journey to success began. And as they say, the rest is history.

          Aside from the specialty coffee and delicious pastries that Figaro was serving before, many branches now offer more beverage and food choices such as Panini, pizza, pasta and even rice meals.
Currently, Figaro has 94 branches nationwide and in other countries namely China, Saudi Arabia, Guam and Qatar.

For more than 23 years. Figaro Coffee Company is proud of brewing world class Filipino coffee and making more people know coffee.

Share our passion for coffee

Warm up to a Figaro Franchise

Help brew world class Filipino Coffee

Our Business Models


Serves Full line of Beverage, Pastries, Pasta, Panini Sandwiches, Salad.
Service Requirements: 30-40 sqm.
Contract Terms: 5 years, renewed every 5 years thereafter
Renewal Fee: 40% of current franchise fee


Serves Full line of Beverage, Pastries
Space requirements: 10-20sqm.
Contract Terms: 5 years renewed every 5 years thereafter
Renewal Fee: 40% of current franchise fee

Serves full line of All Figaro Products
Space Requirements: 60-80Sqm.
Contract Terms: 8 years, renewed every 4 years after
Renewal Fee: 40% of current franchise fee

Total Investment includes the following:
·        Franchise Fee
·        Site Assessment
·        Store Design
·        Store Construction
·        Store equipment, fixtures, furniture, lighted signage
·        Project management fee
·        Training of the store team (Franchisee, store Manager & staff)
·        Opening assistance from the store Operations Department
·        Full set of store operations manual
·        Initial Stocks (inclusive of opening warehouse & commissary stocks)
·        Initial budget for uniforms and marketing collaterals.

The Franchise Process

To get your own Figaro Franchise System started:
1.   E-mail letter of Intent (LOI) containing the name of interested party, expressing interest in a franchise and proposed site and location ( if there is any) to Franchise Manager at
2.   Upon receipt of the letter of intent, we will schedule a Franchise Orientation Meeting with you to discuss the detailed procedures on how to secure a franchise.
3.   Franchise Applicant will fill out the Franchise Qualification/Inquiry form.
4.   If you’re qualified, you will be required to conduct a feasibility study of your selected site using our Market Study Form. Our Business Development Officer will also conduct his/her own feasibility study his initial visits in your proposed location.
5.   If you do not have a proposed location, Franchise and Business Development can provide you list of the active location which were already pre evaluated.
6.   If the proposed location is considered viable during the feasibility study. A follow up meeting will be conducted by Figaro Franchise Department with the Franchise Applicant discuss the next steps.

Frequent Ask Questions:
1.   Do you limit your franchise to a number of individuals of franchisee?
          We do not impose limit to the number of stores a franchisee can operate. The can also open as many stores as they want.
2.   Factors to consider in giving a franchise?
We conduct franchise orientation meetings so that they can be familiar with brand and concept. Our franchisees must really show passion for the brand, commitment to being hands on and dedication to the true character of an entrepreneur.
3.   Does the location of the store matter? Dow you first ask them where they will place or locate the store?
          Yes, Location is very important. We will not award a franchise if the Figaro management does not approve the proposed location. We do ask them for their location an if we do not approved it, we will assist in looking for replacement.
4.   Do you deliver them the product? Or just share them the recipe and provide the equipment and they will just produce it themselves?
Stocks and food can be delivered by us or picked up by the franchisee. There are items that are prepared in the store but everything will be coming from us. We will supply the equipment and will train the staff in the different stations.
5.   If a certain branch has it promo, do they have to consult it first with you?  Do promos have to be applicable in all branches? How does the company help the franchise during promo?

          Promos will have to be approved first by the Marketing Department. There are promos that are branch specific and there are promos that are implemented system wide. Assistance to the franchisees may come in the form of memos and marketing collaterals.
6.   What is the mode of payment? Cash or you allow installment in franchising?
          Payment will be scheduled but everything will have to be settled before the store opens.
7.   Reasons to deny a franchisee?
While there is no hard and fast rule on this, compliance to our requirements would merit franchise approval. We do not do a “hard sell” of our brand so if the applicant feels the he/she is comfortable with our concept and system, it will ultimately be up to him/her if she wants to pursue a Figaro Franchise.
8.   How do you amortize the franchise fee?
          It is being amortized during the franchise term.
As you notice the price was not mention for it will be discussed on Franchise Orientation Meeting.
For further details you may visit their website at

We hope that we able to give you an idea how you can start business with Figaro.
If you have any question or inquiries about this article. You may reach us through or text or call to mobile number +63906 9394891.

Thank you very much and have a great day ahead J

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