Do you want to have an Angel’s Pizza Franchise?

October 24, 2017

          Welcome to Usapang Business Tayo and now we will share to you how you can start a franchise business of Angel’s Pizza Franchise.

In the beginning there was only good food, then, man wanted speed. So fast food was created. Now the challenge is to make food that’s both good and fast.
Meeting the demands of food lovers on the go is no easy task. 

But the sole proprietor of Angels Pizza has and edge, learning from many years of valuable experience as former franchise owner of an international pizza chain. That’s why establishing an efficient operations system was not difficult.

Today’s Angel’s Pizza is operating 53 pizza outlets in the Philippines. Angel’s Pizza full stores are strategically located in Metro Manila, Dagupan City and Legaspi City.

Angel’s Pizza Pasta Combo presents a colorful and brighter   interior. The concepts portraits a more friendly and accommodating ambience for both kids and the young at heart.

Reasons to Invest

·        We offer hand tossed pizzas
·        Our dough is properly aged and fermented before us to achieve a flavorable pizza
·        We are using fresh & high quality ingredients for our pizza and other products.
·        We offer  wide variety of food items and beverages.
·        Continuous product research and development
·        We are the one of the best “value or money” pizza chains.
·        Fast return of investment for our business partners.

Our Business Model
Full Store:

Space Requirement: 60 -80 sqm.
Product Line: Full line Pizza Flavors, Pasta Rice Meals and Drinks
Royalty fee: 5% of Gross Sales
National Marketing Support Funds.Marketing
Advertising Fee: 2% of gross sales
Local store Marketing Support Funds: 1% of Gross Sales

Contact Term
Renewal: 8 years and 4 years
If you want to see the full details you can visit their website at

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